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How reliable are the results?

The reliability of the results obtained has to be analysed from 2 points of view:

  1. Reliability of the raw genetic data: At tellmeGen is used Illumina® iScan technology and the latest version of the Infinium Gobal Screening Array or GSA genotyping chip which contains approximately 650,000 genetic markers and has been customized with 10,000 own probes. The reliability of the iScan system is over 99.99%. The chip contains markers that are repeated multiple times as internal quality control.
    Now, at tellmeGen we apply the combination of genetic knowledge and computational power to significantly increase the number of variants that can be analysed with a DNA chip to tens of millions. This imputation-based analysis allows us to study new variants that have been associated with diseases and that were not present among the initial 750,000 variants. Through this process we achieve our goal of estimating the genetic risk of each individual more accurately than ever before.

    This important update allows us to significantly improve our predictive genetics process, which, as its name suggests, allows us to predict from a genetic point of view the probability of developing diseases or possessing complex traits.

  2. Reliability of the interpretation of the genetic data: At tellmeGen the information shown on the platform is reviewed by our team of doctors and geneticists. The information provided is based on studies that include at least 700 cases and 700 controls and that have been published in high impact factor scientific journals. The information of the genetic variations analyzed, and the bibliography are detailed in the technical reports that come with each of the results reports.