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Which populations are included in the ancestry analysis? 

The tellmeGen database includes thousands of reference individuals belonging to 53 genetic populations spread over 7 major geographical areas as follows:

  • 27 in Europe, distributed among the Balkan Peninsula, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Northern Europe, the British Isles, Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, Sardinia, and the Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity.
  • 6 in Africa, distributed among East Africa (Kenya and Uganda), West Africa (Gambia and Senegal), West Africa (Sierra Leone and Liberia), West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana), the Maghreb, and African Pygmy ethnicities.
  • 4 in West Asia, distributed among Bedouins, Egyptians, Levantines, and Arabs; Turks, Caucasians, and Iranians; and the Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity.
  • 6 in South and Central Asia, distributed among Central Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan; Southern India and Sri Lanka; the Bengal region, Bangladesh, and Northern India; the Punjab region, and Gujarati ethnicity.
  • 6 in East Asia, distributed among Japanese, Koreans, Siberian Eskimos, Mongolians and Northern China, Dai and Indochinese ethnicities, and Han Chinese.
  • 2 in Oceania, distributed among the Melanesia region and Papua New Guinea.
  • 2 in America, distributed among North American Native Americans and Central and South American Native Americans.