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Which populations are included in the ancestry analysis? 

The tellmeGen database includes thousands of reference individuals belonging to 53 genetic populations spread over 7 major geographical areas as follows:

  • 27 in Europe, distributed among the Balkan Peninsula, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Northern Europe, the British countries, Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, Sardinia and the Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity.
  • 6 in Africa, distributed among East Africa (Kenya and Uganda), West Africa the Gambia region and Senegal, West Africa the Sierra Leone region and Liberia, West Africa the Nigeria region and Ghana, the Maghreb and the African Pygmy ethnic groups.
  • 4 in West Asia, distributed among Bedouins; Egyptians, Levantines and Arabs; Turks, Caucasians and Iranians; and ethnic Ashkenazi Jews.
  • 6 in South and Central Asia, distributed among Central Asia; Pakistan and Afghanistan; South India and Sri Lanka; the Bengal region, Bangladesh and North India; the Punjab region; and ethnic Gujarati.
  • 6 in East Asia, distributed among Japanese, Koreans, Eskimos from the Siberian region, Mongolians and North China, Dai Chinese and Indochinese, and Han Chinese.
  • 2 in Oceania, distributed between the Melanesian region and the Papua New Guinea region.
  • 2 in America, distributed between Northern Native Americans and Central and Southern Native Americans.