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How will I see my results?

To access your results, you will need to log in to your user account. Once inside, if they are already available, they will be differentiated by areas: complex diseases, monogenic diseases, pharmacogenetics, personal traits, wellness and ancestors.

By clicking on each of the icons, you can see the list of diseases. You can also access each area by clicking on the “MY RESULTS” tab.

Within each area, the list of characteristic items will be broken down. If you click on the name of each item, you will access information such as: description of the item, symptoms (in case of diseases), role of genetics, prevention (if any) and the technical report. Within the technical report you will be able to see more detailed information, the SNP that you present in your DNA, the bibliography used, etc.

If you still don’t have your results and want to know what information you are going to receive, from the tellmeGen home page you can consult each of the items that your report will contain.

In any case, when your results are available in your user account, you will receive an email in the email that you associated with your kit. You will also receive notifications when there are updates in your account, so you can check your results whenever you want!