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What limitations can we find in the ancestry analysis? 

1- We do not include all existing genetic populations in our genetic tests, which may result in your population not being represented. In this case, your results will show the most similar population from a genetic point of view. However, at tellmeGen we work daily to keep the information updated, so we will include new reference populations as soon as possible.

2- Because the methodology is based on a statistical comparison, it may present a standard deviation, which in some cases may result in the appearance of residual percentages in some populations that are not part of your actual ancestry. These percentages should not be taken into account in the interpretation of the results of your ancestry DNA test.

3- In spite of having a high precision in the estimation of our results, there are some genetic populations that are very similar to each other, which can lead our calculation system to confuse them. This occurs mainly with regions that are very close to each other and that share a common genetic history.

4. Currently, our system is not able to differentiate subregions or provinces within a particular genetic population.