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What are Raw Data files? 

Raw Data files are files containing unprocessed, raw genetic information. These data are generated directly by a laboratory and have not undergone quality control to determine which variants are suitable and informative for the different analyses. These files contain all the genetic markers present in the genotyping array used to study your sample, including information about your genotype, i.e. the nucleotides you possess and where they are located in the genome.

All tellmeGen users will have at their disposal their Raw Data file with their unprocessed genetic information, i.e. as it is generated in the laboratory from the DNA present in the saliva sample. Each user in their profile can download their personal Raw Data file in .csv format containing the genetic markers and the genotype for each of them.

In case you have Raw Data files from other companies specialised in these services, such as 23andme, Ancestry or MyHeritage, you can have access to the information we offer if you upload the raw files they provide you with to our genetic Raw Data.