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What is analyzed in a pharmacogenetic study?

Pharmacogenetics is the study of how an individual’s genes affect the body’s response to various drugs.

In a pharmacogenetic study we study changes known as polymorphisms or SNPs, which appear frequently in the population, and which are responsible for the normal variability of each person. Specifically, changes in the genes involved in the metabolization, transport or sites of action of drugs are analyzed, so that all these processes will vary between individuals and, consequently, the response to these drugs.

The pharmacological compatibility of the tellmeGen test analyzes different medications, related to the treatment of all kinds of pathologies. The analyses focus on the adverse reactions of the medication, its dosage, and efficacy.

Not all drugs have available tests.

These studies are categorized within personalized medicine and precision medicine. They allow for the development of treatment and prevention of pathologies taking into account the unique characteristics of the individual, rather than using a generic methodology.