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What is a pharmacogenetic report and what does tellmeGen’s report include?

At tellmeGen, we understand that the genetic results we offer with our DNA test may leave you wanting more. That’s why we complement it with a range of additional consultations and reports that you can purchase to obtain more information. These products can only be purchased by users who have already completed the genetic test, either through our DNA test or by uploading a Raw DNA Data file.

The reports are an addition that is made based on your genetic analysis. The pharmacogenetic report is an advanced development of the pharmacological compatibility section. We will help you understand the results of your pharmacological study from different perspectives, from what we indicate with having a decreased response to the repercussions of having poor metabolism.

The report will be sent to the same email used to register on tellmeGen in PDF format, and there is no time limit for requesting it once the results are received.

Get your personalized pharmacogenetic report by clicking on the link.