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What is a nutrigenetic report and what does tellmeGen’s include?

At tellmeGen, we understand that the genetic results we provide with our DNA test may leave you wanting more information. That’s why we complement it with a series of additional consultations and reports that you can purchase to have more information. These products can only be purchased by users who have already taken the genetic test, either through our DNA test or by uploading a Raw DNA Data file.

They are intended to improve your understanding of the results, how to interpret them and how to respond to them. The nutrigenetic report is focused on your metabolism and diet, personalized based on your genetic results. We offer you a diet and nutritional recommendations according to genetic diseases suffered or susceptible to suffering, with a weekly planning. The diet and nutritional recommendations are also elaborated taking into account metabolic results, for example, according to the genetic risk of suffering a vitamin deficiency. Among them, there are practical examples of dishes and practical information on how to read and understand nutritional labels.

The report is elaborated with the information received through a survey that we send when purchasing the product together with the items studied in the results of our DNA test.

The report will be sent to the same email address used for registration in tellmeGen in PDF format, and there is no time limit to make them since receiving the results.

Purchase your personalized nutrigenetic report by clicking on the link.