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Why can’t I see my relatives in my tellmeGen account while I can do so in other companies?

At tellmeGen, our main focus is to ensure the privacy and security of our users’ genetic data. The display of relatives in the DNA Connect section of your account requires compliance with two fundamental conditions:

  1. Being part of our database: In order for you to see your relatives in your account, they must also be tellmeGen customers and have their genetic profiles registered on our platform.
  2. Giving consent for the DNA Connect program: Additionally, your relatives must have given explicit consent to participate in the DNA Connect program.

Furthermore, our focus is on providing accurate and reliable results, so we strive to limit the family range that we show to our users. Scientifically, the relationship of “Distant Cousin” has been shown to have very low accuracy, approximately 5%. This means that out of every 20 distant cousins that could be observed, only 1 would actually be a close relative. Therefore, this type of relationship, commonly provided by other companies, is not considered.