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In addition to health and ancestry reports, what other information does the tellmeGen test include?

The tellmeGen genetic test goes beyond detecting the predisposition to suffer certain diseases or knowing your origins through ancestry analysis.

  • Our DNA test provides Pharmacogenetics information that will tell you which drugs may suit you better or worse and which is the optimal treatment for you.
  • Information on Wellness, that will advise you about the lifestyle habits that can be beneficial for you, how you can prevent obesity or what your muscle performance is or if you tend to suffer tendinopathies or muscle damage, for example.
  • Personal traits that will show your physical, physiological and behavioral characteristics that make you different from other people: eye color, hair type, predisposition to male baldness, PSA (prostate antigen) levels, susceptibility to different infections, biological aging and longevity, ability to avoid mistakes, gambling behaviour, etc.

In the same way, we provide a system of personalized genetic consultations, where any questions related to your results will be explained through detailed reports.