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What is the use of knowing my ancestry? 

With the ancestry DNA test performed by tellmeGen you get a wide range of information about which regions of the world and populations show a greater similarity with your genetic information, being able to identify possible origins that you were unaware of. 

The ancestry genetics study provides data on the origins and biogeographical path by studying the genetic variations that have appeared in people’s DNA over time.  

The ancestry test allows you to:  

  • Know the percentage of genetic material you have from different populations of the world.  
  • Better understand the ethnic origin of your ancestors.  
  • Understand inter-population variability, i.e., that genetic evolution is global and not individual.  
  • Understand that each person is linked to different races and territories of the planet, being of vital importance to combat racism.   

In short, this DNA test allows you to know yourself much better with just a saliva sample, from home and at the best price.