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I have uploaded my genetic Raw Data to tellmeGen for free, why am I going to stop seeing some of my results with the May 2024 update?

At tellmeGen we have developed a methodology that combines genetics and computational power to increase the number of analyzable variants in our processes.

The application of this new methodology, known as imputation, allows us to obtain more accurate results, as well as new reports, for example the Neanderthal percentage of an individual. This application implies an additional cost and effort from the computational point of view when processing genetic data. That is why, until now, we have offered this information exclusively to tellmeGen users, whose DNA chip we know.

However, after months of work, we have managed to apply this new technology to chips from other companies, which have different markers and characteristics to the chip used by tellmeGen.

The optimization of the treatment processes, quality control and adaptation of the different external chips to this new methodology has meant a great effort with an additional cost for us, but now we can offer you information that, otherwise, would not be possible.

For this reason, thanking you for your trust and loyalty and with the aim that you do not miss a single novelty, we want you to have access to all these advantages. For this reason, you will have access to part of our results free of charge as before.

In addition, if you wish to access the complete information without limits, we offer you an improvement at a price adapted to any pocket.

For the moment you will have your current results at your disposal and you will be able to choose, within your private area, if you wish to continue visualizing them with the previous methodology or update them to the new one.

However, from May 2024, all users who have not yet had their results changed to this new methodology will be automatically updated.

If you want to know more about this new way of analyzing DNA chips, as well as uploading your Raw DNA Data to our platform, click on the link.