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The science behind tellmeGen

Inside each of your cells is the unique genetic material that distinguishes you from other human beings. This genetic material is like an immense spiral staircase, where some rungs give off relevant information, such as the risk of a heart attack or the rapid metabolization of drugs. This genetic material is made up of 3 billion base pairs, distributed over 23 pairs of chromosomes, 98% of which are identical between the different individuals of humans.

SNPs, or polymorphisms, appear approximately every 1,300 bases throughout the human genome and it is estimated that they constitute up to 90% of all human genomic variations, and are decisive in aspects such as health status, differentiating features, etc. This information is widely collected in public databases such as ClinVar, dbSNP, ENSMBL or OMIM where the latest advances in biomedicine and genetics are recorded. At tellmeGen we work with more than 3000 SNPs registered in these databases and included in articles of high scientific impact.

In our DNA test we include the analysis of more than 3000 SNPs widely present in the scientific literature, including only those validated in studies carried out with more than 750 cases and controls and whose results are statistically significant (p-value<0.005). Anyway, inside each item you will find the Technical Report, where you can find all the scientific information of the analysed variants as well as the references of some of the studies on which the obtained results are based.