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Do these results change over time?

Genetic information is invariable, it remains unchanged from birth, although it is true that “de novo” or spontaneous mutations can occur in certain cells, but they are unlikely.

The results of the tellmeGen genetic test are updated only based on your age, as the incidence of disease changes with this parameter. Thus, your results will be adjusted periodically, changing your risk over time.

Regardless of the above, tellmeGen includes regular updates with more information as scientific research progresses. Therefore, new items and/or SNPs will be included at no extra cost and for life. As new information is discovered and included in our system, we will inform you by email.

It is important to note that, on some occasions, if the methodology used for genotyping is old, certain information cannot be included. In these cases, a repeat test will be offered at a reduced cost.

TellmeGen’s priority is to make available to people the new genetic discoveries endorsed by the scientific community, offering the most updated and accurate results possible.