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What is included in a pack of consultations?

At tellmeGen, we understand that the genetic results we offer with our DNA test may leave you wanting more. That’s why we complement it with the offer of a series of additional consultations and reports that you can purchase to have more information. These products can only be purchased by users who have already taken the genetic test, either through our DNA test or by uploading a Raw DNA Data file.

They are designed to improve your understanding of the results, how to interpret them, and how to respond to them. The ‘3 Consultation Pack’ product from tellmeGen is equivalent to purchasing three simple consultations at a much more economical price. One of our experts from the Genetics Department will explain to you clearly what you need.

The consultations will be answered at the same email with which you registered on tellmeGen, and there is no time limit to do them from the moment the results are received.

Purchase a pack of 3 consultations by clicking on the link.