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What is the use of knowing my percentage of Neanderthal DNA?

On the one hand, the percentage of Neanderthal DNA is also related to ancestry. While, in Asian and European populations, on average between 1 and 2% of the total genome is found, even up to 4%, in African populations the percentage is zero or almost zero.

It can also affect certain physical traits. Many studies link Neanderthal DNA to various physical attributes, skin and hair. This includes factors such as eye colour and skin tone, adaptations thought to have been acquired as populations moved further north and light fell differently. Other studies link these DNA percentages to increased or decreased risk of disease and resistance to pathogenic organisms. This is currently an active field of research with many possibilities.

Finally, out of sheer curiosity, can you assure yourself that if you were offered the chance to find out your Neanderthal DNA percentage, you would have no interest in knowing it?