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What is imputation and how reliable is it?

In order to understand this process, it is necessary to comprehend that the technology used by tellmeGen consists of a DNA chip array which is capable of analyzing more than 750,000 variants. This number of variants is only a tiny proportion of the genetic information that a human being has.

On the other hand, there are projects that, through sequencing, have been able to decipher all the genetic information of thousands of individuals.

Genetic imputation is a powerful statistical analysis that allows us to combine both data. From our chip of 750,000 variants and knowing the complete information of thousands of individuals, we are able to statistically infer variants that are in those thousands of individuals within our own chip, completing it as if it were a puzzle with empty holes, and dramatically increasing the number of variants that it is possible to analyze.

This process features a large number of internal quality controls making this increase extremely reliable and approaching the results of sequencing, but at a much lower cost to the user.

With this approach, our users will be able to obtain much more complete results at a much lower cost than if they were to sequence their sample.