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What is the ancestry analysis performed by tellmeGen? 

To obtain your ancestry results, at tellmeGen we compare the information from your DNA or genetic material with genetic information from numerous reference populations from multiple countries.

Specifically, we compare specific regions of your genome with the same DNA areas in hundreds of thousands of people from populations of different ethnicities and regions. This way, we can determine, thanks to your genetic polymorphisms, your ethnic origin. All genetic variants used in our study have been researched and validated by different laboratories, which have subsequently published them, allowing for new revisions.

These reference populations used in our comparisons have been determined both through public, validated, and secure databases and users of our own database.

In the results, we indicate to which of the 53 ethnic groups we have you belong. The data is presented to you as a percentage, based on the genetic variations you exhibit, and to which ethnic population they are assigned.

All calculations are performed by our geneticists and bioinformaticians, following quality controls and algorithms that we have designed and refined over the years.

Thanks to these similarities between your DNA and that of the reference populations, and thanks to our methodology and protocols, we are able to interpret the ethnic origin from which you come.