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How can I download my raw genotyping data? Can my raw data be used on other web sites or platforms?

You can download your raw data from your user menu by logging into your private area:

When you do this action, a .csv file will be generated listing the more than 700,000 markers on the chip and your genotype for each one.

You can use this file to check your genotype for any marker on the chip and to upload it into other interesting platforms that accept raw data.

The first column in your DNA Raw Data is the rsID, or Reference SNP cluster ID. This is the name that identifies which part of your DNA we’re referring to. The second column refers to which of the chromosomes we’re looking at. In some cases, you will find X or Y (the

sexual chromosomes), or MT (mitochondrial DNA) The third column is the exact position on the chromosome where this marker or rsID is exactly located. And the last column is your genotype for each marker, composed by two alleles (because we have two copies of each chromosome).