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What language are the consultations and reports in? How do I receive them and how long does it take?

The nutrigenetic and pharmacogenetic reports will be sent as a PDF attached to an email in the language chosen by the user among Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Polish.

Consultations, on the other hand, are answered directly via email, without sending a PDF file, in the language chosen among the same options as the reports.

Responses will be sent only to the emails linked to tellmeGen accounts, due to data protection laws. It should be noted that this is the only form of communication for these products. There will be no video calls or conferences with the staff of the corresponding departments.

The time it takes to receive the report depends on the product. Consultations may take several days depending on their complexity and the item requested.

The nutrigenetic and pharmacogenetic reports require more work and may take up to two or three weeks. In any case, we will contact you when they are ready.