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Why do we need self-reported race and sub-race information?

You can select which race or sub-race you identify with when you register your kit on the tellmeGen portal. This information is used for the correct analysis of your risk associated with each of the complex diseases considered in our DNA test.

There are genetic variations that can be related to a greater genetic predisposition to suffer a certain disease, depending on the population you belong to. This is because the patterns of linkage are not identical between populations of different ethnicities. Therefore, an SNP or genetic variation associated with a greater genetic predisposition to a complex disease in one population may not be associated with the same disease in another population.

A race or sub-race is presented as an option if there is at least one SNP that passes our criteria for association with a disease (and if specific data are available on disease incidence in that race or sub-race). When selecting an ethnic group, only SNPs that pass our criteria for association in samples of that ethnicity are included in the calculation of the genotype-specific incidence. You can see in your report that SNPs are included in the calculation.