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What technology does tellmeGen use? How is my DNA genotyped?

Once the DNA is extracted from the saliva sample, an amplification process is performed (many copies of the DNA are generated) in order to carry out the genotyping process efficiently. This process consists of identifying a certain number of positions of the DNA sequence in order to detect possible variants present in the genetic material. This detection is performed by comparing the sample with a genotyping chip or reference DNA, which has been validated and approved by the scientific community.

Until recently, for the analysis of the samples we have been using only the information derived from a customized version of the illuminaTM Global Screening Array v3.0 genotyping array, which is capable of analyzing around 650,000 genome positions. This was further customized to include more than 100,000 additional positions that had been previously selected for additional clinically relevant information.

Now, at tellmeGen we apply the combination of genetic knowledge and computational power to significantly increase the number of variants that can be analysed with a DNA chip to tens of millions. This imputation-based analysis allows us to study new variants that have been associated with diseases and that were not present among the initial 750,000 variants. Through this process we achieve our goal of estimating the genetic risk of each individual more accurately than ever before.

This important update allows us to significantly improve our predictive genetics process, which, as its name suggests, allows us to predict from a genetic point of view the probability of developing diseases or possessing complex traits.

The genetic analysis is performed in certified laboratories that have all the corresponding regulations to offer the highest quality standards, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Array Scanner:
illumina® iScan

Genotyping chip:
illuminaTM Global Screening Array – Customize version

Our reference laboratory is Eurofins Genomics Denmark, the only laboratory in Europe capable of processing the high number of samples that we receive and process daily.
It is a reference laboratory in Europe with the following certifications:

ISO 17025: Accredited analytical excellence
ISO 13485: Oligonucleotides according to medical devices standard
GLP: The gold standard to conduct non-clinical safety studies
GCP: Pharmacogenomic services for clinical studies
cGMP: Products and testing according to pharma and biotech requirements