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What is the difference between the Advanced DNA kit and the Starter DNA kit?

The Starter DNA Kit offers information on about 90 items related to your personal DNA traits, DNA wellness test, and ancestry data including also the maternal and paternal haplogroup you belong to, as well as the percentage of Neanderthal DNA you have. In other words, this option does not offer data related to your health.

The Advanced DNA test is the most complete test on the market. It provides information on more than 430 items on genetic predisposition to diseases, inherited monogenic diseases, pharmacological compatibility, personal traits, wellness data, as well as a complex ancestry study including your maternal and paternal haplogroup and the percentage of Neanderthal DNA you have.

Both DNA tests provide access to the DNA Connect service, which allows you to find and interact with your family relationships found in our database. It should also be noted that all reports are continuously updated as new findings related to them appear.

Finally, at tellmeGen we apply the latest technology in data analysis to increase its reliability, processing it according to genome-wide association studies (GWAS).