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What can I learn from tellmeGen?

At tellmeGen we believe that genetic data is basic and fundamental information for any human being. Our main objective is to make it as accessible as possible to the general public.

The information that tellmeGen provides is so relevant that we believe that everyone should know it. It is information about your DNA that has been highly tested by the scientific community and is based on the analysis of SNPs, or changes in the DNA sequence of a single nucleotide, which influence susceptibility or protection against certain diseases and determine your characteristics.

The results are distributed in six parts, ranging from a genetic predisposition to develop diseases to an extensive examination of your ancestral origins.

Inherited monogenic diseases

Reports of monogenic diseases allow you to know if you are a carrier of any mutation linked to diseases such as cystic fibrosis, familial hypercholesterolemia, or other monogenic diseases, which are diseases of low incidence in the general population and result from the mutation in a single gene.

In most of the monogenic diseases analyzed, the mutation carriers do not usually present these diseases and are unaware that they can transmit them. There are exceptions where carriers of a single copy of a single gene mutation can develop the disease, such as certain types of hypercholesterolemia and familial breast and ovarian cancer. In both situations, carriers of a mutation can transmit it to their offspring, so having this information is of great interest to the health of the whole family.

Genetic predisposition to diseases

It is known that genetics play a relevant role in the development of common pathologies in the population such as asthma and diabetes. Complex diseases differ mainly from monogenic ones because they are determined by the interaction between multiple variations in different genes and the environment.

It is important to take into account that we study how genetic variations can increase your predisposition to certain pathologies, but this does not determine with total certainty if you are going to develop these diseases or not. As we have mentioned, the development of complex diseases depends to a greater or lesser extent, according to each pathology, on the interaction with environmental factors, such as nutrition or lifestyle. The possibility of adapting our habits, knowing beforehand how genetics can contribute, is a powerful tool for preventive medicine.

Personal traits and Wellness

In these two sections are collected those reports that focus on our physical characteristics such as eye color and hair shape. It also includes information on aspects related to clinical parameters such as PSA, cholesterol and vitamin levels, as well as reports related to sports performance and sleep quality.

Pharmacogenetics studies the effect of an individual’s genetic variability on his or her response to certain drugs. In this section, genetic variants that affect the main

drug metabolizing enzymes are analyzed, which will help you know if you will metabolize certain drugs faster or slower, if certain drugs will be effective or not, and even if you are at risk of developing adverse effects. This section is not currently available in the United States.


Thanks to population genetics, it is possible to estimate what proportion of DNA you share with various populations, and it is also possible to establish relationships between people, up to a fifth degree of closeness. It is also possible to estimate the composition of your ancestry, which is the proportion of DNA you share with reference populations of known geographical and ethnic origin.

Our work does not end with providing you with all this information. Each disease comes with professional recommendations for prevention, which have been drawn up by our team of doctors and geneticists based on the best clinical medical guidelines. We also have a personalised genetic counselling system and a advice service based on your results.

Genetics is a scientific discipline that is constantly growing, so we believe it is essential to keep the platform constantly updated, with new reports and features that will allow you to learn more about how your DNA can influence your quality of life and make you unique.