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What does the full price of the Genetic Test include?

  1. Your Genetic Report. More than 430 items of information divided into 6 categories (genetic predisposition to diseases, pharmacological compatibility, diagnosis of inherited monogenic diseases, personal traits and wellness and ancestry).
  2. Post-sale genetic counselling. Each block and its reports are written in a way that is easily understood by everyone, made by experts in the corresponding fields of genetics and nutrition, with the latest recommendations on prevention. You will see descriptions of the traits analysed, your risk, the genes analysed and more complementary information.
  3. Constant updating of your Genetic Report. We look at more than 750,000 mutations which, through imputation, allow us to access information on tens of millions of variants. We store this information, interpret it and provide new data as new discoveries are made. This has allowed us to work on new relationships between genetic variants and their impact on disease. We use imputation to extend the information obtained from these variants through statistical analysis and data from thousands of people, all at a low cost.
  4. Consultation 1to1: You will be able to contact our doctors and geneticist specialists who will solve your specific doubts about the interpretation of the results. Depending on the doubts you have, you will be able to access one type of consultation or another. The consultations we offer are:
    1. Simple consultation, for a specific question.
    2. 3 Consultations pack, with up to three specific questions.
    3. Nutrigenetic report, personalised according to your genetic results.
    4. Pharmacogenetic report, to help you understand the pharmacological study.
  5. Professional Access. You will be able to authorise your trusted professional to access your Genetic Report in a simple way and through the online platform. A tool that will help you make more informed decisions about your diagnosis and treatment. A complement to your medical treatments.
  6. Return shipments are included in the price, at no additional cost, as long as the return is made from the same country of purchase.