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Can I perform a genetic test on a child (or a baby)?

Yes, of course. In fact, children represent the age group that can benefit most from the test. Due to their age, they are those who have more opportunities to modify their environmental factors and their life habits, being able to intervene more effectively on those ‘items’ highlighted in their results.

The swab collection format is optimal for them compared to other more conventional kits, due to their spitting difficulties, as it includes a special tool to collect saliva from their mouth in a simple (and absolutely painless) way.

Remember that in order to perform the test on a minor (0-18 years old), the consent of the parents is essential (see the following section).

– VERY IMPORTANT (parental consent) –

In those cases in which tellmeGen services are to be used on minors, it will be necessary that the person contracting the service be either of their parents or, where appropriate, the parent who exercises parental authority over them. In the absence of parents, the legal guardian will be the only one who can contract with tellmeGen. No one else can contract on behalf of the minor. As for the documents to be provided to accredit the representation of the minor and, consequently, to be able to contract, these are indicated in the last two paragraphs of section 3.1 of the Legal Terms:

  • If testing is contracted by either of the parents: For tellmeGen’ services to be provided to minors, those with custody must prove this by sending a scanned copy of their identity card (ID card or passport), the minor’s identity card (only if the minor already has one) and the family recordbook to tellmeGen. If the child does not have an ID card and/or family record book, a scanned copy of any official document that accredits the legal relationship will be provided.
  • If testing is contracted by a legal guardian: By sending a scanned copy of the sentence or court decision containing your appointment, along with your identity card and that of the minor (if you already have one). In the absence of an ID card, a scanned copy of the passport or equivalent identity document will be provided (both of the legal guardian and of the minor if he or she has one).