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What does the Genetic Counseling consist of and what does it mean?

A Genetic Counseling consultation provides information, help and support to people who present or are at risk of developing a genetic disorder.

During the genetic counseling consultation, the geneticist talks with a person and/or family to discuss the genetic risks that may affect them and to provide, if applicable, information about genetic testing and available options for better managing their situation, such as considering the various possible treatments.

In order to determine whether a disease or condition has a genetic component, the professional geneticist needs to know, if possible, the person’s detailed family history and medical history.

The information obtained from a Genetic Counseling consultation makes possible to determine whether it is necessary to carry out more in-depth genetic analysis or which test or techniques might be more appropriate, although the decision to perform it or not depends on the person concerned, who will have the necessary information about the possible consequences, for him or her or his or her family, of the results obtained from the genetic analysis. In the event that it is decided to carry out new, more in-depth genetic analysis tests, a doctor must write a prescription for these tests. It is the responsibility of the person who attends a Genetic Counseling consultation to communicate to their direct relatives (parents, children or siblings) the information that has been extracted from the consultation, especially if it contains important information that could affect their health if they also present those genetic variants or mutations.

How to access Genetic Counseling consultations at tellmeGen?

At tellmeGen we care that our clients feel supported throughout the process by a medical professional and/or a qualified geneticist.

In short, tellmeGen wishes to provide its users with an adequate understanding of the results of their genetic test so that it becomes an essential tool for taking care of their health and quality of life.

In addition, at tellmeGen we have developed a Personalized Genetic Counseling Service that includes Consultations in which our expert geneticists analyze each case and assess the most convenient options for each client.

Personalized Genetic Consultations have a small extra cost. A simple genetic consultation, that is, on a single aspect of your results, has an extra cost. If your questions are several and the report is going to be more time consuming to address by tellmeGen professionals, there is the possibility of hiring a pack of consultations. The procedure followed in these genetic counseling consultations is as follows:

  1. The tellmeGen professional contacts the client (via e-mail) who has requested the consultation to find out the problem to be addressed.
  2. Once the client has expressed the questions, the professional geneticist will study the case and write a personalized report based on the genetic variants that have been detected and the personal history that the client has described.

Through this service we will clarify any questions that the clients have about their results and we will guide them to follow the different preventive aspects. If possible, clients will be advised of possible treatments.