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Will I know my food intolerances and allergies?

The tellmeGen DNA test groups together different diseases and health traits. The food allergies and intolerances we look at are lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, histamine intolerance and genetic predisposition to peanut allergy and coeliac disease. In case you have the genetic alterations behind these characteristics, the DNA test will tell you.

Even so, you may have an allergy that we do not test for with our test, such as shellfish allergy. The number of adverse reactions to food is wide and we do not test for all of them. Our test is also based solely on genetics, without looking at the presence of antibodies or proteins in the blood. In some situations we will be able to tell you if you have a predisposition to the disorder, but we will not be able to confirm if you already have it expressed.

Finally, there may be genetic variants related to these pathologies that we have not been able to analyse due to limitations of the analysis tools or that the variant has not yet been identified in any study.

If you want to know if the test includes a specific health disorder, we recommend that you check the list of items included in the test – you might find new traits that interest you!