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How much does the tellmeGen DNA test cost and what does it include? What payment methods can I use?

The tellmeGen team firmly believes that the genetic data of each of us is basic and fundamental information for any human being. Our main objective is to make it as accessible as possible to the general public, hence the prices we present in our online store. If you click on the BUY button on our website, you will be able to see the different prices according to the type and quantity of the tests.

The price of the genetic test includes: the kit, the instructions for use, the mailing of the kit to your home and the *return of the kit with your saliva sample to our facilities. In addition, it also includes the work of professionals as diverse as doctors, geneticists, computer scientists, carriers, communication experts, customer service…

The Starter kit provides information on the following blocks: Personal Traits, Wellness, and Ancestry.

The Advanced kit offers new blocks on pathologies: Predisposition to suffer from Complex Diseases, Monogenic Diseases, and Pharmacological Compatibility.

In addition, your platform results will be updated by adding new items in each of the sections, and every time new genetic reports are added you will receive an email notification – all this for free and for life!

Can you ask for more?

What payment methods can I use?

The available payment methods are PayPal, via bank transfer or credit card. Payment is made at the time the order is processed. We use a payment platform that complies with all relevant security measures.

*NOTE: The purchase of this item implies the obligation to return the sample from the same country of purchase. If this is not your case, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] as it may involve additional costs.