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How do I register the DNA Duo or Family kits?

The DNA Duo and Family kits, in both the Starter and Advanced ranges, are intended as a cost-effective option for those who will be purchasing more than one kit. The Duo contains two individual kits, while the Family contains three, at a lower price than if they were purchased separately.

When following the registration process, each kit must be registered with a different email account. When you finish registering for one of the kits, you must log out and repeat for the other kits. If you have problems logging out, try repeating the process from other browsers or using incognito mode.

Regarding step 1 of the registration of a Duo or Family kit, it is important to emphasize that each tube with its two corresponding swabs for a sample must be placed in the cardboard box. Then, put this box into the plastic bag.

Regarding step 2 of the registration, each kit must be registered separately and with a different email account. At the end of each registration process, each e-mail will receive a different shipping label. When preparing the shipping bag, it is sufficient to use any one of the labels received. The remaining labels can be discarded.

A special feature of these products (Duo and Family) is that the DNA kits are in a single box and are sent together again in a single shipping bag. This means that, irrespective of the pack purchased and the individual kits it contains, only the samples can be shipped together in one package. In case the samples must be shipped from more than one location, the kits must be purchased individually.