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Can I register more than one kit per account?

Each kit must have its own associated account. Currently, it is not possible to register more than one kit per account. However, if you are a healthcare professional and want to have your patients’ kits on the same account, you must follow the steps below:

  • Create a professional account. By accessing “CREATE ACCOUNT”, you must select PROFESSIONAL. This way, you do not register any entry kits.
  • Once in your account, you have to go to “MY ACCOUNT” –> “LIST REGISTERED KITS”.
  • You enter your patient’s kit code, and an email is sent to your patient to give you permission to access their data.
  • Once the patient has given access, you will be able to see their results.

This way with each of your patients. Once you have all the patients registered, to see their results you will have to select the kit you want to consult and enter the results tab.