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How is my personal data protected?

For tellmeGen, privacy, confidentiality and data security are an absolute prerequisite. That is why we use the most advanced security protocols and the highest encryption technology in addition to physical, technical and administrative measures to maximize security in accordance with current legislation. All connections to and from our website are covered by the SSL cryptographic protocol.

  1. Our servers and data are hosted in the cloud. This allows us to enjoy your own security: security systems with multilayer protection against DoS / DDoS, the latest technology in Cisco networks and fast access hard disks. All this is complemented by backups of the servers, database and all the information from tellmeGen.
  2. Our applications perform an automatic audit of the changes, so that any modification to the data is recorded so that action can be taken if it is not correct.
  3. The confidential data of tellmeGen users is encrypted so that no link can ever be established between the genetic information, the people and their personal data, as it is stored in encrypted form and only decrypted when necessary.

For more information about the protective measures we follow and maintain, we recommend reading the Privacy and Security section.