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tellmeGen expands its visibility and is now available at BigBuy


The goal is to turn personal genetic information into an accessible and useful tool to improve health and well-being.

At tellmeGen, a company specialized in personal genomics, we have signed a partnership agreement with BigBuy, European leader in dropshipping, to expand the visibility of our DNA test.

100% commitment to the online channel as a business generator

More and more sectors are turning their business model to e-commerce. One of the sectors with the most work ahead of it is the health sector. Thanks to products such as tellmeGen’s DNA test, users can access their genetic information from anywhere in the world with just an Internet-connected device. This information can be easily shared with their doctor, nutritionist or other healthcare professionals to ensure that their interpretation is as accurate as possible.

tellmegen and bigbuy

At tellmeGen we offer a 100% online general health checkup model aimed at anyone who wants to know how their genetics influences their day-to-day life, and for other more curious topics such as knowing their ancestral origins, discovering the path of their maternal lineage for thousands of years or connecting with genetic relatives.

On the other hand, BigBuy is committed to Dropshipping. This is an online logistics model in which the supplier sends the product directly to the end consumer, allowing online stores to sell without having to invest in stock.

Customers, especially on the Internet, value a reliable and close supplier, who has a large catalog and sends orders in a timely manner, provides a good after-sales service and has years of experience in the sector. All this is what BigBuy offers.

The union of two Valencian companies with an international outlook

Both BigBuy and tellmeGen are headquartered in Valencia, a city known for its quality of life, which is also taking off as a TechHub of great national and international importance.

Both companies are also positioning ourselves as leaders in our sectors: BigBuy with more than one million online orders per year and growing, and tellmeGen as the European alternative to the American giants in genetic testing.

The agreement, signed by tellmeGen’s CEO, Dr. Ramón Catalá, and BigBuy’s CEO, Salvador Esteve, is framed within the objective of both companies to bring health sector products to the general public.

From tellmeGen we are very happy and excited to announce our collaboration with BigBuy, a dropshipping wholesale giant.