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What useful information can be extracted in a genetic carrier screening?


It is very likely that you or your partner have heard about genetic carrier screening. Its provide valuable information about each of you individually and about your genetics together.

But what is a genetic carrier screening and what information can we as a couple extract from it? We are going to try to clarify some questions in this article.

What is a genetic carrier screening?

First of all, it is important to know what a genetic carrier screening means. It is about identifying, through DNA tests, the presence of disease-causing gene mutations. These mutations that you or your partner carry can be the cause of diseases that you could develop or transmit to your offspring.

This means that, with a simple saliva sample, you can discover what implications the presence of certain genes could have on your health or on that of your children.

genetic carrier screening

We want to be parents, what information can we extract from the genetic testing before having a baby?

If you are in the process of becoming parents through natural gestation or assisted reproduction treatment, you are in luck. Nowadays there are DNA tests, such as those we have at tellmeGen, which act as genetic testing before having a baby. These provide you with information as useful as the following:

  • If you or your partner is a carrier of some monogenic diseases: this section of results is one of the most interesting for parents and future parents, since monogenic hereditary diseases can be transmitted from parents to children.
  • Your genetic predisposition to diseases to discover your susceptibility to diseases compared to the average risk of individuals of your own age, race and sex.
  • Which medicines are compatible with you: did you know that our DNA reveals how our body processes drugs? This valuable information has many applications, including allowing your doctor to prescribe the best drug treatment for your interests.
  • Your personal traits: knowing the physical and personality traits that make you unique.
  • Your response to wellness issues: you will discover the response of your organism to an increasing list of characteristics such as a tendency to obesity or response to physical exercise.
  • Your ancestry

I am pregnant, can I take the test with my partner?

Of course! There is no problem performing this DNA test if you are pregnant. Your genetics remain the same and the results you get will not vary from if you are not pregnant.

We are NOT going to be parents, are we interested in taking the test?

Of course we are! As we have mentioned, genetic tests offer individual information about each person who takes them, so with them you can discover your genetic predisposition to a multitude of very interesting factors, as well as your ancestral origins.

We are interested! but it is certainly very expensive…

Nothing could be further from the truth! At tellmeGen we offer a pack of DNA tests for couples of all types: sentimental, family, friends… at a lower cost han if you buy them individually. This is the DNA Kit Duo Pack which you can access by clicking on the link.


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