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The tellmeGen story


In 1990, the Human Genome Project began with the primary goal of determining the sequences that make up human DNA. This included locating, positioning and identifying all the average genes of the human species. Sequencing was completed 13 years later, with funding of 3 billion dollars.

And now, for less than 150 euros/dollars and in a few weeks, you can have a genetic test. Genetic testing has a simple goal: to provide people with relevant genetic information without involving healthcare staff in the process and avoiding the high costs and long waits.

And tellmeGen has taken that goal to heart, aiming to make it easy for anyone to access their genetic information in a way that is easy, understandable, up-to-date and economically viable. From your cousin who sells crabs at the fish market to your cousin who is a professor at the university.

The tellmeGen story

But what is tellmeGen?

The company was created in 2014, and the following year launched its DNA test on the market, based on the idea that every individual, regardless of circumstances or traits, can have access to their genetic information. The only exclusion is that they must be human. And it does not have to be an excluder in the future.

In a single test, for which you only need to have the ability to produce saliva, and at a low price, we offer you more than 400 characteristics grouped in 6 blocks. From susceptibility to suffer a genetic disease, to knowing if you have a sweet tooth. With regular free updates, because once you buy our kit, if the information changes or expands with new projects and research, you come with us. Old customers are as important to us as new ones.

The benefits are not just for individuals, but for society. Its economic accessibility and understandable explanations of the different genetic traits help to raise awareness of the weight of genetics in individuals. By bringing this information to the general population, and not only to patients who require it for their medical conditions, we collaborate in self-care and knowledge on the part of society.

We are convinced that the study of genetics is one of the keys to the evolution of human societies, and a driving force for revolution. One example is the rise of personalised medicine. That is why our company changes and adapts to its progress. Our studies change as new research tells us which variants predispose to X disease or which SNPs are classic in an ethnic group. What we look at today is not identical to what we looked at yesterday, nor will it be identical to what we will look at tomorrow.

Our main source of income to be able to continue working on this is the international sale of our genetic tests, which are available online. We also have official distributors, who are usually health and wellness professionals. In addition, we offer personalised consultations and packages to work with the data obtained from other companies.

Being THE company among companies

At tellmeGen we are aware that there are other companies in the same sector. It is an interesting niche market full of possibilities, the most representative company being the well-known 23andme. We have two main attractions compared to our competitors:

  1. On the one hand, our quality/price ratio. We are not only economical, but in addition to the classic ancestry and checking physical traits such as seeing your eye clarity according to your genes, we look at hundreds of diseases and compatibilities with drugs.
  2. On the other hand, we have no monthly or annual fees. You can pay to upgrade your product if you have bought a more basic version, but we will not dip into your wallet every year to keep you up to date.

Of course, we have plans for the future beyond what has been said so far. We are adding new languages, more facilities for using the kit and the website, and we are considering that genetics does not have to be limited to the 23 pairs of human chromosomes.