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The most complete genetic test on the market


A genetic test or DNA test is the study of a person’s genes to determine his or her genetic predisposition to develop certain diseases. It can also be used to determine a person’s ancestry. Currently, many companies offer different genetic tests; however, at tellmeGen we offer the most complete genetic test in the world with a simple saliva sample.

tellmeGen’s genetic test is different from the rest because the same sample provides information on five different areas: genetic predisposition to diseases, presence/absence of monogenic diseases, pharmacological compatibility, DNA traits test and ancestry. In addition, as research progresses, the information is updated at no additional cost to the user.

The most comprehensive genetic test

With tellmeGen’s DNA test, you can know your genetic predisposition to develop more than 100 polygenic diseases, i.e. diseases caused by the action of 2 or more genes. You can also find out if you are a carrier of a monogenic disease. In addition, the genetic test provides information on how your body metabolizes and interacts with some drugs.

Another very useful section is what tellmeGen calls “personal traits”. In this section you will discover your alcohol addiction, your regeneration capacity after an injury or your tendency to obesity, among others. And, last but not least, we tell you where your genes come from, i.e. your ancestors.

All this information you can have at your fingertips with a simple saliva sample – it’s that simple! The DNA kit contains a repository with instructions for saliva collection. We receive your sample, it is analyzed in the ISO9001:2015 certified laboratory and your results can be consulted through a digital platform.

Of course, your personal data will be encrypted at all times and your saliva sample is not accompanied by your personal data, but by a code. In addition, the platform can only be accessed by you or by your healthcare professional to whom you give permission from your account.

Many diseases develop due to the combined action of genetic and environmental factors. Knowing the genetic risk factors, you can influence the environmental ones to try to avoid or slow down the onset of a disease or the symptoms derived from it. In addition, your ancestry says much more about you than you think. Knowing your ancestry can also tell you how susceptible you are to developing certain pathologies.

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For this reason, tellmeGen’s genetic test offers you the most valuable information: your genetic information. It is a genetic service, as you will be able to navigate through the platform discovering new aspects about you. Also, the tellmeGen genetic test is international, it can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

To make you feel supported at all times, we have a team of doctors and geneticists who are available to help and guide you with personalized advice. We understand that this information is sensitive and sometimes complex to understand. For this reason, we believe that genetic counseling is essential.

If you still have any doubts, you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected] and our specialist team will contact you to solve your queries.


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