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7 advantages of uploading your Raw Data to tellmeGen 


A DNA test allows us to know part of our biological instructions, from our genetic predisposition to common diseases or personal traits to ancestry. All this information can be obtained through a simple saliva sample.  

Once the sample is taken, DNA is extracted from it and genotyped in the laboratory. In other words, the information is read and captured in a file known as Raw DNA Data. These files are documents that can be processed by means of bioinformatics calculations in order to interpret the results obtained.   

It is also important to note that this same file can be analyzed by different genetic companies, as long as they are compatible with the technology used. In other words, in case you have already obtained your DNA test through another company, you can access the reports provided by our company and enjoy all the advantages we have at your disposal by uploading your genetic Raw Data file to the tellmeGen database.  

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Said that, what do we guarantee you when you upload your Raw DNA Data to tellmeGen?  

1. Ease of use

All you need to do is create an account and upload the file during registration. Once this is done, in a maximum of 72 working hours you will get the detailed reports depending on the plan you have purchased, free, Raw Data Starter or Raw Data Advanced.   

2. Adaptability to any budget

We have 3 plans available:  


Free version of our analysis which allows you to choose up to 25 reports on your health, well-being, personal traits, pharmacological compatibility and origins.  

Raw Data Starter

You will upgrade to more than 90 complete reports on personal traits, wellness data and ancestry. In addition, you will have the option to choose up to 5 report items on your health and pharmacological compatibility.  

Raw Data Advanced

Full version of our analysis in which you will get up to 430 complete reports on your health, (complex and hereditary diseases), wellness data, drug metabolization and effectiveness and ancestral genetics, as well as information on the haplogroups you belong to and the percentage of Neanderthal DNA present in your DNA and much more. 

3. Versatility of use

Since you already have your genetic Raw Data file, it will not be necessary to perform the saliva collection again since the sample has already been processed and the file created already contains the information that can be analyzed and interpreted by our experts.   

We will be able to provide the information as long as your file is compatible with the technology and programs used by tellmeGen. If you want to know if your file is compatible you can check here.

4. Quantity and quality of the information obtained

At tellmeGen we are constantly working, not only to offer a large amount of information, but also to make sure that it is of high quality.   

We have recently implemented in our calculations the imputation method, which allows, together with other complex analyses and studies, to offer our users even more reliable and accurate results about your DNA. To learn more about this new methodology, click here and discover the power of predictive genetics.

5. Ease of interpretation

Once inside your private account, your analyzed results will be broken down by subject and, within each subject, by individual reports. In each of them you will have access to information such as the description of the item, symptoms (in case of diseases), role of genetics, prevention (if any) and the technical report with its bibliography.   

We know that sometimes technicalities can be a problem when it comes to understanding the results. This is why we make a great effort to ensure that our reports are easily understandable by all users, without the need for complex medical knowledge to interpret them. However, they should always be consulted with a physician or health and wellness professional.  

6. Connectivity

All users who have purchased the tellmeGen DNA test have the opportunity to access DNA Connect, a service that allows them to find genetic family from all over the world, as long as they are in our database, and to contact them.   

We have worked so that users who upload their Raw Data can also have this wonderful tool at their disposal, if and when they wish to do so.

7. Constant (and free) updating of your results

If there is one thing that sets us apart from the competition, apart from the previous points, it is that at tellmeGen we offer free updates for life, that is, we are committed to keeping our users’ reports up to date as new scientific findings in the field of genetics come to light.    

Finally, at tellmeGen we believe that genetic information is and will be a revolution in the coming years. For this reason we want to facilitate and make this updated genetic content available to you at an affordable price for all budgets.  

Would you like to upload your Raw Data file?