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DNA helps you decide which habits to acquire 


September is synonymous with returning to the routine after the holiday period. Establishing new goals at work and personal level and acquiring healthy habits is essential to face the return with motivation.  

Sometimes we get overwhelmed and do not know where to start. The solution is to do it little by little, without wanting to embrace all the changes at once and with a real reason for action.  

Did you know that your DNA can be a great help to know which habits to focus on? We explain it below. 

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Goal 1: more physical activity

If one of your goals is to start or resume physical activity, your DNA can give you clues as to which sport to start with: one that is more anaerobic or one that is more aerobic.  

This is because cardiac output, oxygen consumption and muscle cell composition are highly predetermined by genetics. For example, sprinters tend to have more fast twitch fibers in their legs, while distance runners have slow twitch fibers.  

This information will help you obtain better muscle endurance and make it easier for you to decide whether to go for a run or, perhaps, to prioritize strength or endurance exercises.

Goal 2: healthy diet

Your genetic information also determines aspects related to personal nutrition, such as vitamin levels and the metabolism of macronutrients or intolerances, among others.

Knowing if you are predisposed to have decreased levels of vitamins or other nutrients will allow you to know if you should increase your intake through your diet and, as a consequence, decrease the risk of suffering some diseases related to these low levels.

On the other hand, knowing if you have a genetic predisposition to peanut allergy, lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance will be of great help to establish eating habits according to your digestion and, above all, to your well-being. 

Goal 3: more health

Knowing your genetic predisposition to develop complex diseases will make you aware to improve and apply healthy lifestyle habits according to your risk to suffer from these diseases.

For example, if in your results you observe a higher than average predisposition to suffer from lung cancer, it would be a good time to quit smoking.  

Another example could be that, if you have a high predisposition to arterial hypertension, the best thing to do is to start reducing the amount of salt in your meals as soon as possible, restrict alcohol consumption and maintain a healthy weight in order to reduce the risk of developing health problems related to this disease.  

Finally, what are your goals for this September, do you dare to let your DNA tell you what healthy habits you should acquire this new year? 

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Carlos Manuel Cuesta

Graduate in Biology. PhD in Biotechnology

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