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Travel where no one has ever been before, to the center of your DNA


After many months, summer starts and it’s time to plan the long awaited vacations.

If there is one thing we agree on, it is that traveling is fun, experiences and constant learning. But what does this have to do with tellmeGen, if we are a genetics company?

At tellmeGen we offer you an unforgettable, innovative, different, economical, personal and lifelong journey in which you will discover and understand many things about you and your family from the past, present and possible future. This journey is to the core of your DNA.

journey to the center of your DNA

Before the trip

In a journey you have to decide:

With whom you want to go, whether alone with the individual DNA test, or accompanied with the DNA Duo Kit if you are two adventurers, or with the DNA Family Kit if you are three.

And where to go or how far you want to go. The journey to your DNA is no exception, since you can choose how much information you want to access depending on the type of kit you purchase:

  • The DNA Starter Kit lets you learn very interesting facts about your personal traits and wellness, as well as discovering which regions your genes come from and what the path your paternal and maternal lineages have followed to get to you… for over 250,000 years!
  • The DNA Advanced Kit allows you to go a step further and learn a multitude of data about your health based on your genetics.

Once the trip has been decided and organized, everything is already done on your part.

After the trip

The return from the trip is also special. You have the experience, the memories and the desire to see the great amount of photos you have taken during these days. The same happens with the trip to the center of your DNA, since our job is to write up your results and update them constantly throughout your life so that you can consult them whenever you want. 

At tellmeGen we know that when you travel you often meet new people. This is why, once again, we find the parallel between this trip and the DNA test. At tellmeGen we have a service called DNA Connect that allows you to connect and chat with your genetic relatives around the world as long as they are in our database. Is it fascinating, isn’t it?

So, want to travel where no one has ever been before?