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What are genetic tests for children and how do they work?


A DNA test or genetic test is a study of a person’s genes to determine his or her genetic predisposition to develop diseases, to learn about physical and personality traits and to discover his or her ancestral origins.

This valuable information was practically inaccessible to anyone until a few years ago, when the first DNA tests known as direct-to-consumer genetic tests were introduced. The emergence of this type of product made it possible for anyone to access their genetic information in an easy and affordable way.

The aim of direct-to-consumer DNA testing is to promote public awareness of the existence of diseases of genetic origin. By bringing this information to the general population, society becomes more aware of the importance of genetics in their current and future health and well-being.

Thinking about the future society, at tellmeGen we have gone a step further by launching the most complete DNA test for kids and babies on the market.

DNA testing for children

How does genetics help my child?

Genetics is the science of the future society! Children are one of the most ideal groups for DNA testing since, with their whole lives ahead of them, the information provided by tellmeGen’s DNA kit for children can be super useful (as well as curious) throughout their lives. By keeping up to date as the genetic field advances, as children grow, the information in their test also grows with them.

This information is extremely important because, if a person is aware of his or her genetic predisposition to certain diseases from childhood, he or she can act in one way or another on the environmental factors to prevent their possible appearance.

And how does one act against genetic predisposition?

There are many ways to intervene. For example, if our genetic test indicates that we have a genetic predisposition to suffer a myocardial infarction, we can act on the environmental factors that favor it: we will follow a balanced diet, try to prevent being overweight or avoid smoking.

However, it is very important to bear in mind that the fact of having a genetic predisposition to develop a disease does not mean under any circumstances that it will manifest itself, but that we have above-average probabilities.

genetic testing for baby

How does genetic testing work for boys and girls?

The way tellmeGen’s genetic tests for children work is very simple: once you receive the kit at home, you simply register and take a sample of saliva from the sides of your child’s cheeks through cotton swabs. This sample will be analyzed in our laboratories and, within 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of the sample, you will have your results. It’s that easy!

We want the tellmeGen infant genetic kit! What do we have to do?

You have made a great decision! The tellmeGen’s DNA Kit for babies and children can be purchased through our website by clicking on the link. Once purchased, you will receive it at home in 2-3 business days. Simply follow the instructions on the kit to start the process and provide your child with the most important information of his/her life.