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5 reasons to take a DNA test


Since 2003 every April 25th DNA Day, also known as the double helix molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid, is celebrated to commemorate its discovery. Nevertheless, what really happened in this research?

Let’s take a look back to 1951. Rosalind Franklin, an expert in X-ray crystallography, began working at Cambridge University. There she experimented with X-ray diffraction to study the DNA molecule until she found “Photo 51“. She and his student recorded precise calculations and notes that would be decisive for the evolution of science.

For various reasons, Franklin left the university, and his department colleague, Maurice Wilkins, secretly shared her successful results with his college Watson. These data would be the key piece missing for him and his partner Crick to describe the final structure of DNA.

In 1953, the first correct model of the DNA molecule was published in the journal Nature under the name of Watson, Crick, and Wilkins, along with a separate article by Rosalind Franklin on Photo 51, among others.

It was in 1962 that Watson, Crick, and Wilkins received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research and discovery of the DNA molecule, and although Rosalind Franklin died a few years earlier, she was never been commemorated for her great work in this discovery, only a small mention by Wilkins during his speech.

Now that you know a little more about the discovery of this molecule, did you know that our DNA only varies 0.1% between us? In this small percentage, there is a lot of information that goes beyond what you see in you and could be very useful for you to discover.

Continue reading to find out how far biomedicine has come thanks to this 1951 discovery.

reasons to take a DNA test

1. DNA is who defines you

The DNA molecule, along with other factors such as your environment and your lifestyle, is what defines – and will define – you as a person.

All your external features such as the color of your eyes, the shape of your lips, and your height are determined by the sequence of elements that make up your DNA. Not only this but they are also linked internally, i.e. they are responsible for indicating your susceptibility to certain diseases, your body’s reaction to different medications or other harmful substances, among many other things. All of these can be studied thanks to tellmeGen’s DNA kits.

2. Live longer and, consequently, live better

As mentioned in the previous point, DNA test can be used to determine genetic predisposition to certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and others. Moreover, you may ask yourself, why do I need to know what disease I am likely to develop? I will tell you that it only has advantages since, having this information in your hands and in those, your doctor, will be able to prevent and even avoid its development by adopting lifestyle habits that favor such predisposition.

In addition, it is also known that each body reacts differently to different drugs, since their metabolization, and this metabolization is closely linked to the functionality of the responsible enzymes that are encoded by your DNA.

With the DNA test, you can know this reaction through a pharmacological compatibility study, and this report will allow you to reduce the recovery time, and also reduce the possible side effects that may develop during and after treatment.

3. Take care of yourself, a little more

With a DNA test, it is possible to know at a genetic level your response to physical exercise, the rhythm of your glucose and cholesterol metabolism, and the tendency to obesity. Therefore, acting according to this information is key to being able to lead a healthy life and prevent many problems derived from it.

4. Know your legacy

Through a study and complex and rigorous algorithms of your genetic composition, it is possible to discover the path that your genes have followed to get to you. In addition, tellmeGen gives you the opportunity to contact your genetic family with whom you share a high percentage of your DNA in a real-time chat.

5. Have it for the rest of life

In tellmeGen we know that medicine and scientific studies are constantly evolving, and that is why we are committed to keeping your report updated according to those findings.