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Why give a DNA test as a gift?


Looking for a different, original and personalized gift? You are in the right place. Giving DNA tests as a gift is trendy, being one of the most original gift options to surprise family or friends.

Who can I give a DNA test as a present? Whoever you want, of course! However, here are some ideas:

Give a DNA test as a gift to any person of any age

A gift for anyone of any age the tellmeGen individual DNA kit is so perfect as a gift that it is useful for anyone of any condition or age. As one of the most complete tests on the market, each person you give the test to will be surprised by a different functionality: their ancestral origins, information about their health and well-being, how to practice sports, information about how to address their nutrition? Guaranteed success!

Give a DNA test as a gift on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day

Give a DNA test as a gift to your father or mother on this special day. One of the most original gifts on the market, which will help him to improve his health by detecting his predisposition to develop diseases, learn valuable information about different personal traits and discover his ancestral origins.

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Treat yourself

The tellmeGen Duo Pack is perfect as a gift for couples. Thanks to the pack with two DNA tests you will know your genetic predisposition to 0f factors, some of them individual and others compatible between both. The latter is especially useful if you want to have children.

Give the gift of a family experience

tellmeGen family DNA packs are perfect for giving to your family or to any family you want to give an original gift to.

Who doesn’t feel like or are curious about their and their family’s ethnic background? By giving the family kit you will be giving them the possibility of knowing which are their ancestors, as well as knowing in detail a lot of information regarding their health and well-being.

Gift for children and babies

Children are one of the most ideal groups to give away since, having a whole life ahead of them, the information provided by tellmeGen´s DNA kits can be super useful (as well as curious) for their lives. By keeping up to date while advancing the science, as they grow their genetic test will also grow with them in usefulness and information.

Do not think twice and give a genetic test to a baby, boy or girl for their birth, birthday, baptism, communion, as a DNA test Christmas gift or any special occasion.


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