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Should I take a DNA test? We answer 4 key questions


Nowadays, to know the genetic information of a person, it is only necessary to extract a saliva sample so that it can be analyzed in the laboratory and finally processed by a set of experts with the help of complex computer analyses.

In this article we are going to answer the 4 most frequently asked questions about DNA tests performed with saliva samples, such as those of tellmeGen:

taking DNA test

Why should I take a DNA test?

The tellmeGen DNA test is the genetic test on the market that offers the largest number of results, including everything from health reports to ancestry. So, if you are interested in knowing any of the following aspects, it is a good idea to purchase our product.

  • Genetic predisposition to diseases: genetic susceptibility to diseases such as diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s, different cancers, among many others, is analyzed. Knowing this genetic predisposition allows us to prevent and reduce the risk of suffering them by modifying our habits, since the environmental factor also plays a very relevant role in many of them.
  • Monogenic hereditary diseases: as the name suggests, these are diseases that can be transmitted to offspring. It will be interesting to know if you are a carrier of any of them in order to take it into account at the time of parenthood. Among them, cystic fibrosis or hemophilia A are studied.
  • Wellness items: information related to wellness and nutritional health, including information on antioxidant capacity, predisposition to celiac disease, lactose or histamine, vitamin levels, muscle performance and much more.
  • Pharmacology: each body processes drugs differently, this is why we offer information on how you metabolize the different drugs to minimize the probability of suffering adverse reactions, as well as to reduce recovery time or a modification of the treatment in case your health professional deems it necessary.
  • DNA traits test: apart from the visible personal characteristics, there are many that can only be understood through genetics, such as nicotine dependence, the photic sneeze reflex or the regulation of sex hormones.
  • Ancestry DNA test to know your origins: tracing the path followed by our ancestors seems to be fascinating and curious at the same time. This information is possible to know thanks to an exhaustive study on the genetic composition. In it we offer you the percentage you have of the different world populations, as well as the maternal and paternal lineage and even the percentage of Neanderthal DNA.

Why should I take a DNA test?

tellmeGen DNA tests have three major advantages:

  • Simple, quick and painless collection: the kit contains a collection tube for saliva to be deposited. The dreaded – for some – blood collection is no longer necessary.
  • High reliability: thanks to computational power, we have developed a predictive genetics methodology that allows us to increase the number of analyzable variants to tens of millions. With this new finding, we have discovered new relationships between genetic variants and their relationship with diseases, traits or others, drastically increasing the reliability of the results offered by us.
  • Free updates: As genetics is a constantly evolving science, as new studies emerge, we update the results free of charge.

Which DNA test should I take?

In tellmeGen there are two ranges of kits available, the DNA Starter Kit and the DNA Advanced Kit. Depending on the information you want to know, you will need to obtain one kit or the other.

  • DNA Starter Kit: provides information on personal traits, Wellness and ancestry.
  • DNA Advanced Kit: in addition to the information included in the other range, all the information on complex, monogenic hereditary diseases and pharmacology data is added.

In addition, with both kits you can access the DNA Connect service, which consists of the possibility of finding genetic family from all over the world belonging to the tellmeGen database and even interact with them through a private chat.

Who is a DNA test intended for?

A genetic test can be done by anyone, regardless of gender and age, as the information provided is valuable and reliable at any time. In addition, the DNA information analyzed is practically invariable throughout life, so it makes no difference when a person undergoes this simple test.

That said, we believe this is the ideal time to take the DNA test and learn all this information only accessible with the science and technology of tellmeGen.

And, if you have any further questions, please contact us! The tellmeGen team will be available to answer your questions about the DNA test.