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What can I learn from the tellmeGen DNA test that I might not otherwise be able to know? What are the benefits of doing a DNA test?

After centuries of research, we know that a significant percentage of our physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics are determined by our DNA sequence.

The tellmeGen genetic test brings you closer to the molecular knowledge of your personal essence. Each of us is unique because of the differences we harbor in our DNA sequence or genome, and these differences are reflected in the variations found in our genes. Thanks to the tellmeGen genetic test you will be able to know the variations in your genes that make you unique.

Benefits of DNA testing 

Knowing your genes and their sequence can help you improve your health and well-being, make lifestyle decisions, learn about personal traits related to nutrition and sport, and reveal your origins

Do I have a predisposition to develop diseases or to transmit them to my children? 

Thanks to the health section you will be able to early detect diseases for which you present a genetic risk, take the necessary actions to avoid developing these disorders, and, additionally, you will be able to know which drugs can suit you best in order to minimize side effects.

Much more, if you are thinking about having children, tellmeGen test helps to know in advance if you can transmit a hereditary disease to your offspring.

The wellness section gives you an insight into which foods might suit you best (nutrigenetics), how your body processes certain food supplements (such as vitamins), what type of physical exercise is best for you or if you tend to suffer from muscle or ligament injuries.

Why do I have this eye color? What is my caffeine tolerance?

The personal traits section introduces you fully to the physical and physiological characteristics that make you unique: eye color, hair type, caffeine tolerance, biological aging, intelligence or pain sensitivity measures, among many other traits, as well as key aspects of your behavior that are linked to your genes, such as the ability to avoid mistakes, alcohol or nicotine dependency, gambling behavior, etc.

What are my origins? Can I know my ethnicity?

By exploring the ancestry section you will discover your origins and the history of your ancestors. You will be able to find out which geographical population or ethnic group you belong to. Do you have a greater European, Asian or African component in your genome? tellmeGen provides you with the genetic percentages you have from each region and therefore brings you closer to the origin of your ancestors.

In addition, it allows you to find out to which maternal haplogroup and paternal haplogroup you belong. In addition, you can also find out the percentage of Neanderthal DNA you have in your genes.

Finally, you have at your disposal the DNA Connect service, which reveals genetic relatives from all over the world, as long as they are in our database, having the option to interact with them through your private tellmeGen account.