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What can I learn from the tellmeGen DNA test that I might not otherwise be able to know? What are the benefits of doing a DNA test?

After centuries of research, we know that a significant percentage of our physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics are determined by our DNA sequence.

The tellmeGen genetic test brings you closer to the molecular understanding of your personal essence. Each of us is unique due to differences in our DNA sequence or genome, and these differences are reflected in variations in our genes. With the help of the tellmeGen genetic test, you can learn about the variations in your genes that make you unique.

Benefits of DNA testing 

Knowing your genes and their sequence can help you improve your health and well-being, make informed lifestyle decisions, learn about personal traits related to nutrition and sports, and discover your origins.

Do I have a predisposition to develop diseases or to transmit them to my children? 

In the health section, you can detect diseases early for which you have a “genetic risk,” take the necessary measures to prevent their development, and learn your body’s specific response to various medications through “pharmacogenetics.”

Additionally, if you are considering having offspring, tellmeGen helps you to know in advance if you are a carrier of a “hereditary disease” that you could pass on to your children.

What foods are best for me? How does exercise affect me?

The “Wellness” section brings you closer to understanding which foods may suit you best (nutrigenetics), how your body processes certain nutrients, how exercise affects you, and an idea of your metabolic state due to your genetics.

Why do I have these physical characteristics? What are my traits throughout life?

The “personal traits” section fully introduces you to your physical and physiological characteristics that make you unique, from those that are visibly expressed externally to those details inside your body that you may not even know, as well as key aspects of your behavior that are linked to your genes, because even our personality has a genetic basis.

What are my origins? Can I know my ethnicity?

The ancestry section allows you to explore your origins and the history of your ancestors. You can learn which geographical population or ethnic group you belong to and find out the proportion of European, Asian, or African components in your genome. tellmeGen provides you with the genetic percentages from each region, bringing you closer to the origin of your ancestors.

In addition, it reveals to which maternal and paternal haplogroups you belong and the percentage of Neanderthal DNA in your genes.

Finally, the DNA Connect service provides access to genetic relatives from all over the world, if they are in the database. You can interact with them through your private tellmeGen account.