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Why does tellmeGen need to know my sex?

tellmeGen uses the customer’s self-reported biological sex information in a few important steps. The first is that it is part of our quality control. If someone’s self-reported sex does not match that determined in their DNA analysis (based on the presence of X and Y as sex chromosomes), we make sure that everything has gone right.

Sex information is also used to give more personalised results. There are conditions that do not affect genetic men (XY) and genetic women (XX) equally so reports are personalised by including gender-specific information such as reports of baldness or prostate cancer in men and early menopause in women.

We understand that sex is not a binary issue, and that the terms “male” and “female” do not include all possibilities, but our studies are based on scientific studies with individuals carrying the XX and XY sex chromosomes, listed as “female” and “male”, respectively. As research progresses, we hope to be able to provide more tailored information to our intersex and transgender clients.