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What a DNA test should offer


A DNA test or genetic test is the study of a person’s genes to determine their genetic predisposition to develop certain diseases and to determine a person’s ancestry. The well-known direct-to-consumer genetic tests or DCT refers to DNA tests that can be purchased without a prescription, either through the internet, pharmacies or clinics.

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While it is true that there are several direct-to-consumer genetic tests on the market, none of them are as comprehensive as tellmeGen today. The tellmeGen genetic test is much more than a genetic test. tellmeGen offers a genetic service from an online platform. Here you can consult your results and share them with your trusted doctor.

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In addition, as new genetic variants related to a disease or characteristic are studied, we update your genetic profile at no additional cost. We offer a medical forum for any questions you may have. tellmeGen is a direct-to-consumer genetic test, backed by a team of medical and genetic specialists, with whom you will not feel alone at any time.

What information does a genetic test provide?

Genetic tests provide access to a person’s genetic information and, in addition, direct-to-consumer testing, without necessarily (although it is always recommended) involving a physician or any other health personnel.

The objective of direct-to-consumer DNA testing is to promote public awareness of diseases of genetic origin. By bringing this information to the general population, society becomes more aware of the importance of genetics in the development of some diseases.

A genetic test can be used to determine a person’s genetic predisposition to certain diseases. Knowing the genetic susceptibility, it is possible to influence the interaction with the environment, promoting a healthier lifestyle, bringing us closer to personalized medicine.

What to consider if we decide to have a DNA test?

– Since direct-to-consumer genetic tests can be purchased over the Internet without receiving advice from a specialist, the first and most important thing that a direct-to-consumer genetic test should offer is genetic counseling from a team of specialists.

– It is very important that the company selling the genetic test offers a reliable and recognized online sales platform, as well as points of sale where there are health specialists who can advise and inform customers, such as pharmacies, parapharmacies, medical clinics, nutrition centers, etc.

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– Direct-to-consumer genetic tests must offer a report that is easy to understand for the end consumer, but accompanied by a detailed report that can be interpreted by a health specialist.

– The reports that a direct-to-consumer DNA test must offer must indicate the bibliographic references from where the information has been extracted to guarantee the reliability of the results.

– The team that makes up a company dedicated to the sale of genetic tests must be made up of health specialists, such as physicians, biochemists, geneticists, etc.

– A direct-to-consumer genetic test must offer reliable results validated by the testing laboratory, which must comply with the corresponding ISO standards.

Direct-to-consumer genetic tests can be purchased over the Internet. The test is sent directly to the customer and, when the results are available, they are delivered to the customer via the same route. These genetic tests provide information on the possible ancestry of a person’s genes, genetic predisposition to certain polygenic and monogenic diseases, drug compatibility and personal traits.

tellmeGen and DNA testing with the society of the future

Providing this information to the population can mean a breakthrough in how the population understands the importance of genetics. However, this information can be sensitive for certain individuals. Providing genetic counseling is vitally important for people taking a genetic test to make the right decisions.

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At tellmeGen we work to make our customers feel supported at all times, before and after purchasing the test. In this way, we offer genetic counseling composed by our team of health specialists. tellmeGen’s scientific department answers all questions that may arise before taking the test and once the results are available.

tellmeGen is with people. We continue to grow

However, we continue to expand our distribution network. In addition to being able to purchase the tellmeGen genetic test through our website or other online platforms, people who want to be better advised and accompanied can purchase them in pharmacies or medical clinics.

In this way, we have the confidence of pharmacists, doctors, nutritionists and other health specialists in the tellmeGen genetic test. Between them and our scientific team, trained in health sciences, we aim to advise and accompany our customers at all times.


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