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We scale up our DNA test with information about your maternal line


Did you know that you can now find out which path your ancestors took through your maternal lineage from more than 150,000 years ago to the modern period? From now on, you can find out and consult it on the migration map of your mitochondrial (maternal) haplogroup within the Ancestry DNA test that completes the tellmeGen genetic study.

A mitochondrial haplogroup is a set of variations found in human mitochondrial DNA. The maternal haplogroups map trace and describe the path taken by our ancestors, from the origins of the human species in Africa.

Origins of our maternal line

Our common grandmother is about 200,000 years old. This is the conclusion reached in the research “Mitochondrial DNA and human evolution” developed by scientists Allan Charles Wilson, Mark Stoneking and Rebecca L. Cann, and published in the journal Nature on January 1, 1987.

This means that, if everyone alive in the world today were to take a haplogroup testing to trace their maternal line through hundreds of generations, all the lines would ultimately converge in that one woman known as mitochondrial Eve. Although she was only one woman who lived along with many others at the time, only a few branches of her unique haplogroup have survived from 200 centuries ago to the present day.

From mitochondrial Eve, when our ancestors ventured out of East Africa, they branched into several groups that crossed and re-crossed the world for tens of thousands of years. Some of their migrations are already traced through maternal ancestry haplogroups, i.e., groups of women descended from a common ancestor. The maternal haplogroup of each individual can reveal the path followed by the women in her maternal line.

This path is the one that tellmeGen reveals to anyone who wants it through its genetic test. Dr. Ana Romero, Director of the Genetics Department at tellmeGen, explains, “With the study of genetic variations in specific points of the mitochondrial genome it is possible to reconstruct our haplogroup, which is the combination of blocks of genetic markers that are inherited together and have varied over time generating new subgroups or haplotypes characteristic of certain geographical areas. The analysis of mitochondrial DNA allows us to have a broader view of our origins and describes the path followed by our maternal ancestors.”

maternal line

I want to know my maternal line, what should I do?

This service is already available in tellmeGen DNA tests, so, all you have to do, is to follow one of the following procedures:

  • If you have already purchased a tellmeGen test, in one of the next uploads and result updates that you will receive in your email, we will notify you that this new information is already available and you will be able to consult it completely free of charge.
  • If you have not yet purchased your tellmeGen genetic test or uploaded your Raw Data for free to our platform, now is the time to join our family! Purchase your DNA test now and get information about your maternal haplogroups, as well as more than 400 characteristics about you that we offer along with free result updates.