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What information about my ancestry can I get from the tellmeGen test?

Ancestry genetic testing provides information about the possible origin of our ancestors, by comparing our genetic material with reference populations that have a known geographical origin and ethnicity.

Knowing our origins has always intrigued us, whether at an individual level, with genealogical studies, or as a species, with different branches of science focused on this issue. In recent years, thanks to the scientific and technical advances that allow us to “look” into the genetic material, we have been able to answer many questions by reconstructing the history of our species: we know our origins, 200,000 years ago, in the African continent; we have unraveled the footprints of the journey that the modern human being undertook out of Africa that led us to populate all the continents; and, we understand the most recent demographic events, which continue to this day.

The sum of all these events is what configures the genetic composition of current populations, making each one to present distinctive characteristics. Despite the great knowledge we currently have on this issue, the study of our origins is a continuous and cumulative process, as the number of analyzed populations increases, our knowledge about past events will also increase.

The tellmeGen ancestry analysis provides you with information about the possible origins of your ancestors. At tellmeGen we compare your genetic material, extracted from your saliva sample, with that of reference populations with a known geographical origin and ethnicity.

What you will find in your ancestry report is the percentage allocation we make of your genetic make-up to the different populational groups considered, organized by their geographical location. Therefore, these values are, to a greater or lesser extent, a reflection of the ethnic origin of your ancestors.