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What can I learn from my Genetic Information?

As doctors we think that genetic data is basic and fundamental information for any human being. TellmeGen was founded with the objective of making this information as accessible as possible to the general public.

The information your genetic information will provide you with is so important that we believe everyone should have this opportunity.

An illness originates from the interaction of your genetics with the environment around you. TellmeGen takes into account these factors. The information that we give you about your DNA has been tested by the scientific community through SNPs, variations in only one nucleotide that can protect you from or predispose you to certain illnesses. We have taken this valuable information and applied it to your parameters of race, sex, age and geographical location.

We have separated these susceptibilities into 5 categories or labels (cancer, cardiovascular apparatus, digestive apparatus, ophthalmology, neurodegenerative illnesses and psychiatric disorders) to make your genetic information easier for you to understand and for your medical specialists to interpret.

In addition, your genetic information provides pharmacogenic information so that you know which medicines or drugs you metabolize more quickly or more slowly, helping to prevent secondary effects or possible allergic reactions. This will help find the best treatments for you for determined illnesses.

Genetic diagnosis is another item of information that you receive. You will find out if you are a carrier of, for instance, cystic fibrosis or other common* monogenic illnesses. (*The catalogue of monogenic illnesses is much more extensive but they are much less prevalent and occur so rarely that for the moment, they are not included in the Results).

Lastly, you will find information about your phenotypical traits: eye color, hair, PSA levels and even muscle endurance and for example, its type of fiber.

But our work does not end once we give you this information; our team of medical professionals will provide you with professional recommendations based on the most important medical guides for the prevention of each illness.

You will also find a free online forum in the Client area of the tellmeGen website moderated by medical professionals who will answer your questions.

Likewise, we are in the process of establishing a system of personalized medical consultations whereby you can get more information relating to the results of your genetic information, illness prevention, etc. either by telephone or by videoconference.